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About Bees United Membership

  • Annual BU Membership fees drop to just £5 per year, for all membership categories.
  • Annual BU Membership should now be purchased via the Club Ticketing website. You can access this by following this link -
  • If you would prefer to pay by cheque, you can do so by sending a cheque for £5 made payable to Bees United with details of your name and address by post to BU.
  • Club Membership will no longer be offered as part of BU Membership. This was a free trial as we helped the Club establish their scheme, and it is now ready to stand on its own. Therefore if you want the Club benefits of ticketing priority etc, we would recommend you purchase a standalone Club Membership from the Club (also on the ticketing website under Memberships).
  • BU will continue to raise money via your existing Standing Orders and other routes, and these monies will be treated as donations to BU (and therefore we will not track individuals). We hope you will continue to donate your current level of contributions, but if you decide to reduce your standing order as you pay for your membership via the Club Ticketing site, then we totally understand.
  • Life Memberships (both existing and new) remain unaffected, and should be purchased directly from BU. Contact us via email or post.